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Howard Johns Telling Stories from The Energy Revolution

It was with great sadness last week that I announced the closure of Southern Solar – a firm I set up in 2002, which I grew for the first 10 years, doubling it every year.


We were a company selected by government schemes to support high-growth business and an exemplar in the field. I set the company up to give people an easy way to do something positive about energy and climate change, and we have helped thousands of homeowners, schools, councils and businesses to reduce their bills and become renewable energy generators over the lifetime of the company.

Opinion Piece in the Guardian 

The government seems intent on ending the solar power industry. It’s madness

Howard Johns
Howard Johns on Channel 4 News 

Government will appeal on solar to save £1.5bn


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Feature on Howard Johns in the Independent 

Howard Johns: Burned by the solar eclipse

Howard Johns

Howard Johns, the quietly outspoken head of the Solar Trade Association, is understandably "having a nightmare". Not only has the Government just announced the third substantial cut in solar power subsidies in four months. But it seems increasingly zealous about shale gas, which is "fracked" out of the rocks with blasts of sand, chemicals and water and has been linked to earthquakes and water pollution.

As a former lynchpin of Britain's environmental protest movement, who has thrown his body down on construction sites from the A30 in Devon to the open-cast Selar mine in South Wales, Mr Johns is deeply concerned about the prospect of widespread fracking in this country.


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