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Bluefield Services Ltd
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As CEO of Bluefield Services I oversee three companies in the Bluefield Group:

Bluefield Services which is asset manager of the entire 650MW portfolio of solar assets. 

Bluefield Operations which is O&M provider for 450MW of the portfolio. 

Bluefield Renewable Developments which is developing new solar farms from scratch and already has a significant pipeline of sites. 

Sun and Earth Consulting Ltd

Sun and Earth Consulting offers consulting around a range of areas: 

  • Solar energy markets

  • Business start up

  • Community energy business models and planning

  • Solar energy specific

As well as delivering some solar energy projects directly internationally. 



OVESCo was the first community owned energy company in the UK to build a PV power station funded by a public share offer. I founded OVESCo in 2007 with a group of Lewes residents to deliver a range of energy saving, renewable energy and related projects to the residents of the Ouse Valley & East Sussex. We have been assisting the residents of the Lewes District area to reduce their carbon emissions through a range of different measures, running a number of successful schemes on behalf of the council. The company now has a portfolio of rooftop PV schemes, funded by a share issue in our local community. The first of these - on the roof of Harverys Brewery was the first PV system in the UK to be build using a community share offer.


Recently the company mentored a number of new local community energy companies in the process of setting up their own local generation projects.


The Ovesco team was very proud to be recognised by the Ashden Awards in 2014.

Southern Solar Ltd

I founded Southern Solar in 2002 and grew it from me into one of the laregst and most respected solar energy companies in the UK, with a team of 100 staff in 8 locations. 

We built around 15MW of rooftop solar over 12 years for domestic commercial and council clients.


Possible - previously known as 10:10 is about doing practical stuff that helps solve climate change. From riding a bus to repowering a village, our projects bring people together to help build a better world.


In November 2015 I became Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Solar Energy UK
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Solar Energy UK - formerly The Solar Trade Association is the main association representing the UK solar sector. I was a director of it for 10 years and Chairman of the board for around 5 years. 


In this role I was involved with moving the organisation to London and recruiting its first CEO. I was also very involved with lobbying Government to improve the conditions for solar, particularly around the Feed in Tariff and the renewable heat incentive. 


I did frequent conference speeches in a number of countries on behalf of the association and appeared regularly in the media.

ENcome Energy Performance UK Ltd

Encome Energy Performance is an international renewable energy O&M business. Currently operation in seven countries across Europe. It manages solar parks on behalf of investors and other asset owners. 


I established the UK subsidiary Encome Energy Performance UK Ltd which became the largest part of the EU business. 

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